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About Canco Investment Properties Inc

Investment Process

Canco has an investment process that begins with building profits by receiving the best possible value for the amount of money invested. Integral components of our investment strategy are as follows.

  • Find apartment assets in highly populated cities
  • Acquire these assets using leverage techniques
  • Reposition by means of new management and increased revenue
  • Maximize returns by means of refinancing and long term holding

By following these basic techniques, Canco investment properties has always been able to capitalize on growing our business.

Through due diligence, focusing on income producing properties, decreasing expenses and leasing to quality tenants, we are able to build maximum profits.

We select properties based on cash flow, value and the possible growth potential of both. Some examples of selection criteria are as follows.

  • Below market evaluation
  • At or below CMHC evaluation
  • Ability to raise revenue
  • Demand for rental properties in given area
  • Well balanced unit mix
  • Demographic growth
  • Leveraging capabilities
  • Current cash flow


Choosing Multifamily Real Estate as an investment

Multifamily real estate or real estate in general has always been a large part of any portfolio. It offers a reliable income and diversification. Benefits in choosing real estate as an investment includes:

  • Positive cash flows
  • Stable long term returns
  • Excellent Leveraging capabilites
  • High income
  • Not affected by other investment classes
  • Appreciation in value
  • Principle reduction through rents
  • Low interest rates

We at Canco Investment Properties Inc. use all of the techniques available to our industry to find the best possible deals. Using the above as a template for finding the right properties along with creating long lasting relationships with lenders, brokers, agents and other investment firms have been a crucial part of our plan to grow our company.